May 30, 2011

In the last 30 minutes.....

People often judge a life during a milestone.  Like on your birthday you think about everything you may have done the previous year.  Sometimes it feels like a ton, sometimes maybe a little too little.  But today I tried to take notice of the simple things.  Why wait for the milestones, when we forget the little details that made us feel so happy, or maybe sad, angry etc all year long?

So here is what I did, in the last 30 minutes.

I asked Finley if she wanted to come outside with me.  And I brought my camera.  Finley and I checked on the tulips first, which just started blooming this weekend!  If you've been keeping up with the snowy weather report around here you would know why that's a massive feat ;)

Finley picked some daffodils for her room...

 Then she showed me the spot where she set up as her fishing spot this afternoon while she and Mr. SLD hung out in the yard.

  I can totally see why she picked it.....!!! :)

Then she showed me the cake she made for me today in the sandbox we built for her last week.  She says it's Red Velvet.

 And served it up with a smile. :)

We collected all the sand tools.....

And cleaned them in the creek....

Then we tiptoed across the yard......

To spot the red breasted robin. :)

And went to survey the garden we planted yesterday.

Finley checked out the path I had made.

And then the most awesome thing happened.  Finley spotted these beads of water in the native grasses.  

And she went crazy about it!  She insisted Mr. SLD stop what he was doing inside to come outside and see what she found.  Wow.  How easy it is to forget wonder like that!

Then we packed it all in for the night and went in for dinner.

Now if you ask me about this in a year, on my birthday, or next Mother's Day, it will be a distant memory.  Barely even recognizable anymore.  So I decided it's time to try and remember those random 30 minute moments that make up the whole year. :)

This has nothing to do with SLD.  But just a memory that I wanted to capture and knew nowhere else but here.  I'm going to try and do this more often :)