December 21, 2011

Cake Pops and Reindeer Treats....

Finley got a Cake Pop Bakery last night for Chanukah!  She's been asking for one forever, and she often quotes the commercial (at least I think that is what she is doing!!) 

She tells me "Mum, you can EAT all the FUN that you make!"

She was really excited to open her first gift :)

She was though dissapointed, upon seeing the black and white Manual/Recipe book.  She said "Where are all the fancy color pictures?  This is supposed to be an Activity Kit they said!"

It's hard to explain to her that Infomercials, as amazing as they seem (I am personally addicted to them) that sometimes they....well....embellish a little ;)

Anyhow, we'll be making Cake Pops this weekend to hand out as Christmas Treats for the neighbors.  Anyone ever make any?  Any tips?  Where do I find replacement sticks?  I can't wait to try it!  I am most definitely going to be reading up on some Bakerella tutorials!

Finley also came home from school with this really neat idea they made at school.  Check out how easy and fun this would be to do with your child!  Mix glitter and oats.  Done!! :)

I thought I was all done with my Christmas shopping (I may have gone a little overboard this year.  Mr. SLD tells me it's ok since I'm still new to this.  But I think he's just hoping that I got him a lot of gifts ;)  I actually went overboard on Finley, but shhhhhh.....we don't need to tell him that ;)

Anyhow, I thought I was done with shopping, until last night I got into bed with Finley to read her bedtime books.  We started one book and she stopped me and said "Mummy is this book by Jan Brett?  I really love her books, and she is a very good artist."

Huh?  How many kindergartners know books by their author/illustrator!!??

She told me she loves some of her books she's read at school, like "The Mitten"

I guess I better go shopping and see if I can find some Jan Brett Books in this tiny town! :)  When a 5-year old asks for books by author, I figure I have to comply with the request, no?! ;)


December 20, 2011

When Good Ideas Turn Bad, and how to Change the World

Random title, I know.  But stay with me :)

I've been envisioning this dress for a year.  A Double Bubble, cinched Waist Dress.  I have literally been dreaming about how great it would be.

We finally made one.  Harp music is floating through my head....I LOVE it!!!

Now, it's time to get Finley in it.......


I guess some dreams should NOT be turned into reality! ;)

Embrace your imperfections and learn from them :)  I try to teach that to Finley EVERY SINGLE day.  She is one of those kids whose biggest fear is the fear of failure.  So much so, that she would rather not even try sometimes.  That makes me sad, but she is a pretty special kid, and even though she'll sometimes be terrified to try something new, other times she'll surprise us with the amazingly fresh ways that she thinks.

For example.....last night we had Family Game Night.  We were playing an I Spy game (the kid is a champion).  But for some reason last night she wasn't in the lead.  She would barely pipe up when she saw a match!  And Mr. SLD and I were occasionally trying to let her get the matches before us so that she could earn the points.

Well, at one point the three of us were all staring at the cards, and there are obviously two bumblebee matches.  No one says a thing, and Finley finally points at them with her arms, saying "It''s....!!!" And there we are, trying to give her the chance to say it, so we're saying "Name it, and it's your win!!" and she doesn't name the match.
We ask her why and she says to us "I just wanted one of you guys to get the match.  So I just pointed at them....waiting for you to see it."  Our hearts melt.  

So I say "Finley, why did you do that?  Why didn't you call out the match so that you can win the stack?" and she replies with....

"Because I am so Kind."

WHOA.  First laughter, then the tears roll.  Who knew that raising a five year old could be so emotionally gratifying and complicated at the same time?  We want to instill in her the desire to win and try her best, and yet at the same time, she's also managed to keep her kindness at the forefront.

I am amazed at the beauty that is a five year old.  When I think about that kindness, in a world when all is not always kind, I feel at peace.

It's there, you just have to look for it.  You can change the world with Kindness.


December 09, 2011

Tonight and other stuff....

I love life these days.  I don't know if it's the 'merry' in the air, or the fact that Craft Fair season ends tomorrow (I love them, but I love my weekends more ;) but things just feel happy, and merry, and bright.

Tonight Finley drew this.  It made my day :)  And, as any pretend tiger mom like me would do, I immediately added three books about the Solar System in my cart.  LOL.  "But really," I explained to Mr. SLD...."This is how passion starts!!"  :)

I also tried to capture a picture of my Christmas tree and some of it's ornaments tonight.  I am still trying to figure out my new camera, but I did the best I could.  I've only done Christmas a few years now since I married Mr. SLD (I am Jewish.)  But Christmas is part of his traditions so we do that, along with Chanukah each year.

Each year since doing Christmas, I sweetly "complain" to Patrick about how ugly his ornaments are that he brought into this marriage.  Granted, I brought none.  Is that so mean or what?  ;)

But as a little girl, I kind of secretly always wanted to have and decorate a pretty Christmas tree.  Oooh, my tree would be so pretty!  But, by the time I got the chance, I didn't realize I'd have to contest it with someone who has his own Christmas traditions since childhood.

And my five year old, who this year INSISTED she select a new tree topper for the tree.  Yup, that's the result right here.

But, I also have to deal with the hand me down ornaments, (aka the "rejects" that didn't make the cut of his mother's tree) have somehow ended up in our Christmas box that we pulled out this week.

This year was the first year Mr. SLD allowed me to create a "color theme" with the balls.  (Is that what they're called?!  It suddenly doesn't sound right :)  Finley picked Ice Blue and Purple.  I bought into it until I got home and promptly went back to the store in exchange of my dream color and purple.  :)  Ahhhhh, it is so pretty :)

And no, we are not watching some R-Rated movie.  LOL.  Somehow it appears the Music Channel on the TV happened to show some image of whoever was singing like this when I snapped the photos. ;)

But amidst my finally pretty Christmas tree....I still have to contend with these less than pretty ornaments, that my husband simply will not let go of.  Seriously, there is a 6 inch stuffed red heart with fuzzy cotton and a santa beard and face on it.  There is also a plastic bear playing golf.  They are far worse in person than how I explain them ;)  Am I alone in that I want a really pretty tree?  I seriously have no clue! is the dreaded Bicycle ornament.  WTH?  It doesn't even look like an ornament!  Nor does it have a place to hang it from so it just sits there, deep in the tree.  I don't know why, but I don't care much for it.  I have a lot of other ornaments that Mr. SLD forced me to hang onto, and I tried to take their pictures.  But..... Oooopsie, turns out I hung them too deep in the tree and you can barely see them anymore ;)

An ornament I do love is the Acorn Skier Guy Finley brought home from art class last week.

And I am a fan of the elephant ornament I bought a few years ago to improve the tree.  Finley has always loved elephants, and they remind me of the month I once spent volunteering in an African village in December 1999.  One night we had to chase (Literally!  Chase!!) elephants from a local farm because the elephants were eating the entire crop!  

So we decided that each year, we as a family, would continue to add ornaments that are meaningful to us.  We will create our own memories in each.  Then, even the ugly ones will start to look pretty :)  I guess most people have been doing that most of their lives, but this is still pretty new to me!

Well, anyhow, I just felt like sharing random moments from this week and tonight! :)

Oh, and here's another random moment.  I grabbed a bottle of Diet Coke from the garage tonight.  It's frozen!!!

 Merry and Happy.