August 18, 2010

Why I make dresses....

Based on my dismal performance last night in the kitchen, I realized my Lesson of the Day:

I am not a great chef. Who am I kidding. I am not even a great cook. :) I can follow a recipe and make things like that, but when I try a recipe that I make up...well, not so great ;)

Yesterday we had a BUNCH of gorgeous looking radishes from a friend's garden. And after asking people on my Facebook page what I should make with them, we decided on Radish Chips.

Look at the pretty Radishes. I even pulled out my mandolin, which I am deathly afraid of because it seems I am bound to chop off a finger (Yay, I didn't!!)!

Then I baked them in a hot oven with some oil and salt. I even threw in some carrots to try mini carrot chips. Anything to attempt to get vegetables into my kiddo without relying solely on V8 Fusion juice :) They looked pretty decent....but slightly pathetic.

Finley happily gobbled up about 3 'chips'

And then promptly spat them out. I won't share that photo ;)

So although I finally had my a-ha moment of "man, I can't really cook very well!" it also gave me an a-ha moment of what I CAN do well. I sew cute dresses, and I'm proud of that :)

I feel like I should form a 12 step group....

"Hi, my name is Shari, and I make dresses because I can't cook."

Shari, the non-cook, even though I've always wanted to be able to.

August 12, 2010

I gave Finley my camera yesterday.....

And this is her photo montage....Here are the titles I imagine Finley would have given them....

Why is Mummy Blocking the View?:

Self Portrait of Feet:

My Mum is such a Scene Stealer!:

I still Can't Figure out what this is:

Mummy isn't Sure what to do with a Magic Wand:

And so.......Lesson of the day is:

Give your kid a camera. It's awesome to look at the world through their eyes and imagine what they might be thinking. :) I am actually thinking of giving her the camera once a week or month to ask her to take pictures of her favorite things and see what she comes up with. Wouldn't it be neat to then create a photo book out of it? Such great memories, cause they grow up so fast!! :)


August 09, 2010

Lauren Jumper Giveaway!

It seems I've gotten into the habit of doing a giveaway each time I create a new let's go for it!!

Here's how to enter to win one of the new Lauren Jumper's:

1. Join and suggest the SLD Facebook page to your friends on FB! Let me know about it on my FB page :) Make sure they leave a comment saying you sent them and you are both entered to win!
2. Follow my blog and you get an extra entry!
3. Blog about the giveaway and get an extra entry! (let me know you blogged about it and leave me the link!)
4. Tweet about the contest (let me know!)

Giveaway ends August 16th, 2010. Good luck!!! *****GIVEAWAY EXTENDED TO AUG 25th to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of my shop!*****

The fine print. In large :)

-Giveaway open to all countries but shipping charges will apply to International winners.
-Lauren Jumper winner may select from size 12 month to size 7/8 Girls.

Thanks for playing! You can see my other items at my etsy and Big Cartel Shops:

August 08, 2010

Introducing New Fall Top and sights of Jackson Hole

Here's a sneak peak at my new Fall top. :) It's my first prototype and needs a few tweaks, but Finley loved it! It's sleeveless, so of course meant for layering and pair with leggings or jeans (If your kid will wear them!) are you are set to go! It's called The Lauren Jumper.

I was shocked that I needed a BUNDLE more of squares to make the signature SLD style go on a diagonal! But as a friend said, it totally looks vintage like that which is exactly the look I was going for....vintage meets funky!

We walked around downtown Jackson Hole yesterday re-discovering some sights and sounds (the 6pm nightly 'shootout at the town square scared the daylights out of Finley...where they recreate "Annie get you Gun" scenes, cowboy gear and all).

All of these pix were taken on my iphone, so excuse the poor quality. But we had such a great time I just have to share as many as I can!

The new Lauren Jumper in action: Finley picking berries downtown Jackson.



Checking out some of the outdoor sculpture


You know Finley loves any books...she wanted to check this one out.



This is the amazing new Center for the Arts building in downtown Jackson. Finley loves this sculpture installation (as do I!)



Ok, I got into doing some cheesy little photo edits. :)


We went to a new local gallery and Finley was hanging out under this I had to turn her into a piece of pop art!


Oh, and ........ Lesson of the Day! Here is my new LOTD button :) What do you think?


Do not take Finley to the shootout again, or a shooting range, or hunting.
As if this pacifist - vegetarian mum would do that anyway ;)


August 02, 2010

Remember when I used to blog ?

I barely do! Ack, I'm ashamed how neglected my blog has been. Sorry lil fella. (Finley says that all the time if she bumps into things. Hilarious!)

Anyhow, I could probably think of a million excuses for leaving the blog to fend for itself (um...moved across 1000 miles this month, for one) but the REAL reason is because I've been toying with an idea for this blog....and I'm not sure I can commit to it yet, but at the same time I'm not sure how much I can handle seeing this blog so lonesome!! So..... my only option seems to be to grab the blog by the.... horns (?) and simply go for it. And by that I mean...share my little idea with you so that I have no choice but to face it.

So, without further delay, here is what my blog intends to be about. Although if you know me, you know well enough I rarely stick to a point and a segue (not the little vehicles, but boy do I want to try one of those!) is my best friend :)

This little blog, combined with my trials and tribulations of being a mom; who works, sews and cares for her unpredictable little girl, is also about learning lessons. No no no, not boring little lessons like "Do unto others..." and stuff like that (though those are great lessons, you really should heed those ;) but little lessons that you can take from each and every day from your own personal experiences.

My husband has a friend from his golfing days. He's a great guy, and everyday he would take something from his life and say "There's my lesson for the day." When I heard about this a few years ago I became inspired! What a great way to live your life! So I began to look at life that way too. It's remarkably refreshing. You ought to try it someday :)

Anyhow, I don't plan to have a lesson a day, that's for sure! But maybe every once in a while? Maybe until I get a little less busy and can dedicate more time to it? I also intend to involve you my dear friends....oh, just you wait and see. :)

Anyhow, I hope that helps explain a little bit about my hiatus. And today I will leave you with this, first, lesson.

Don't wipe your feet on a raffia style floor mat when barefoot. Trust me. Seriously.