September 12, 2010

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm.....

So many people ask me (wait a minute, that's a major exaggeration! LOL. Let me start that again).

Every once in a while, someone asks me how I was inspired to do this 'mosaic' style of upcycled clothing. I never really knew the answer, until this weekend, duh, it hit me right in the face.


Yup, these are my paintings. Very old ones mind you....but look at what I was painting!


I did an entire series called Maps for about 3 years. I have so many of them at my mum's house, I'll have to get pictures one day. But here's another example.


It's interesting that at the time I was really interested in color (as well as lack thereof ~ I'm big into monochromatic work!) but now in sewing this habit has evolved to print and color.

When I look at these images.....well, it all seems to make sense to me now :)

So there you have answer to the masses ;) of why I create this style of upcycled kids clothing. And that's my personal lesson of the weekend.


September 04, 2010

A pictorial on our first day of this long weekend....

This weekend we decided to labor on Labor Day. My husband, not the handiest in the bunch (shhhhh), alerted me we would be sealing the driveway. On our own.

Having a decade of painting experience from working in art galleries, I was actually pretty excited. There is something very relaxing about painting to me :)

Finley has caught some kind of bug this weekend, so she hung out in her jammies and checked in on us every once in a while. Yes, in about a year when she outgrows them they will become part of an SLD dress ;)

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about leaving her in the house all afternoon while we worked. I've always been one of those mothers, hovering on being a helicopter parent (pun intended ;) because for the most part, Finley was never very easily 'entertained' and often needed a lot of my attention. But my husband convinced me she would be fine.

At a certain point (probably from boredom ;) she had some kind of Cinderella moment and ran inside to put on her dress and start sweeping.

The disapeared inside and began the crafting extravaganza.

She worked for several hours, on her own, and marveled at her handiwork.

She was so proud....

The artist busy in her studio.... No matter what I did, she wouldn't pay me any attention.

And, wait for it.....Lesson of the Day:

My kid kicked butt entertaining herself!! She did me so proud! I know, sounds weird to be proud of your kid while you technically are neglecting them. Ha! But she learned a massive lesson too. She doesn't need me every few minutes to entertain her (though she tried for quite a while). She created about 8 'detailed beyond belief collages' and went through two rolls of tape. Her creativity was through the roof, and I couldn't be more proud!

Even though this was the aftermath ;)

Next project? Apparently we are pressure washing and staining the deck tomorrow. Should I bother cleaning up the studio? ;)