November 25, 2010

Black Friday / Cyber Monday starts on Thankful Thursday....

I can be a very lousy business woman. Why? Because I love ( I mean, LOVE) to give stuff away. I've always said that I would love to have a business where I get to pack up boxes full of cash and send them to people! How fun would that be!! :)

But, until I can get that particular business rolling, you're stuck with upcycled stuff in a box ;)
I try to do my best to give my customers great savings. it's not because I don't think my items are worth their full retail price, but it's because I am seriously thankful. It's really so simple. Without you, there would be no business. There would just be some cute clothing hanging on racks in my home with no one to love them, wear them, and enjoy them. That is quite simply, no fun.

So to add fun into the mix I decided to do my Black Friday/Cyber Monday etsy sale today, on Thanksgiving day. Why? Because it's my small, teeny tiny way of saying thank you.

Yup, that's right, you. I mean it. YOU. The person taking the time to read this. Taking the time to look at my clothes. You, the one who emails me with feedback, or custom requests. Or some of my favorite emails include those of you with kids wearing my items. Or the emails I get about how much one of my items brightened a little girls day after a round of chemo. Or making a tee with all the seams on the outside for a young boy with sensory disorders (who never gets to wear cool clothes).

You make my heart melt with each and every email. I read them to my husband. I read them again and again to myself. Because I am thankful.

So thank you, my friends. Thank you. :)


Oh, see, I am a lousy business woman. I nearly forgot to share details of my sale! Sheesh!
Use code Gobble at my etsy shop for 20% off anything in stock from Nov 25-28. Then get a chance for an extra 5%-15% off via my facebook page! Have a very very happy thanksgiving :)

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