June 08, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday to my Finley!

Happy Birthday to my one and only, Finley!

Birthday mornings around here always start with a pancake breakfast made by Mr. SLD.
Finley was super excited to receive her SLD birthday Tee and Skirt.  She loved it, which made me so happy since she often snubs clothing ;)

But when she opened her presents and received a few dress-up outfits she decided she needed to wear this to school today ;)

Yes, she quite clearly knows that she is a princess.

Her BFF Gracen has a birthday today too.  They are born 3 hours apart and now live 3 houses apart.  :)  They are having a joint bday party together this weekend.  Finley insisted on picking some flowers for her to bring to her at pre-school this morning. 

 Balloons for her class....

This may as well be her high school prom picture, LOL...because that's already what I am thinking about! I hope she wears something this modest!! ;)

I've already taken 74 pictures today and it's only 8am!  Yup, sentimental mum over here.  :)  But these moments are fleeting and I still barely remember these days....Here FIRST birthday, when we still lived in California....

I remember once studying for exams back in high school and hearing that lettuce helps your memory.   I ate a head of lettuce that night and felt so sick the next morning!  But I aced my exam. ;)
Maybe I should go head to the grocery store now for some more lettuce because these are moments that I need to always remember........


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