December 20, 2011

When Good Ideas Turn Bad, and how to Change the World

Random title, I know.  But stay with me :)

I've been envisioning this dress for a year.  A Double Bubble, cinched Waist Dress.  I have literally been dreaming about how great it would be.

We finally made one.  Harp music is floating through my head....I LOVE it!!!

Now, it's time to get Finley in it.......


I guess some dreams should NOT be turned into reality! ;)

Embrace your imperfections and learn from them :)  I try to teach that to Finley EVERY SINGLE day.  She is one of those kids whose biggest fear is the fear of failure.  So much so, that she would rather not even try sometimes.  That makes me sad, but she is a pretty special kid, and even though she'll sometimes be terrified to try something new, other times she'll surprise us with the amazingly fresh ways that she thinks.

For example.....last night we had Family Game Night.  We were playing an I Spy game (the kid is a champion).  But for some reason last night she wasn't in the lead.  She would barely pipe up when she saw a match!  And Mr. SLD and I were occasionally trying to let her get the matches before us so that she could earn the points.

Well, at one point the three of us were all staring at the cards, and there are obviously two bumblebee matches.  No one says a thing, and Finley finally points at them with her arms, saying "It''s....!!!" And there we are, trying to give her the chance to say it, so we're saying "Name it, and it's your win!!" and she doesn't name the match.
We ask her why and she says to us "I just wanted one of you guys to get the match.  So I just pointed at them....waiting for you to see it."  Our hearts melt.  

So I say "Finley, why did you do that?  Why didn't you call out the match so that you can win the stack?" and she replies with....

"Because I am so Kind."

WHOA.  First laughter, then the tears roll.  Who knew that raising a five year old could be so emotionally gratifying and complicated at the same time?  We want to instill in her the desire to win and try her best, and yet at the same time, she's also managed to keep her kindness at the forefront.

I am amazed at the beauty that is a five year old.  When I think about that kindness, in a world when all is not always kind, I feel at peace.

It's there, you just have to look for it.  You can change the world with Kindness.



  1. ahhh sweet sayings of a kid that WILL make a difference one day! Big or small, she will make a difference! I love the dress and am sorry it didn't work out! I know you will come up with another amazing idea though and it will be a hit! Love to you and your family! Trisha

  2. She is a sweetie! I love the dress too. Could you put a drawstring in the waist so it could be tightened to stay up where you want it?

  3. Felicia, I thought of doing that.....but don't want to get into "drawstring regulations" nightmare :)