February 22, 2012

The Big Fundraiser

I'm getting ready for our "Big" Fundraiser!  Last year we raised money for sewing micro-loans around the world with our Dream Big silkscreen design!  This year we are focusing on two great groups to raise money for.

The first is a non profit called "The Pajama Program."  When I first read about this group, I felt compelled to do something!  I urge you to watch this short video (even Oprah recognizes its importance!) by clicking the video below.  How can we NOT help?!!

This year, I found the amazing paper cuts by artist Suzy Taylor, and immediately knew her peacock image had to be part of this important fundraiser!  I created the Love Big image with it, and I LOVE it!! :)

So since I have two designs this year, I figured I could be twice as generous!  :)

So I'll also be sending funds to the Team Ashley fundraiser, to help offset some of Ashley of Lil Blue Boo's medical bills.  Her recent struggle with cancer, and her message to Choose Joy certainly helps me put my own life in perspective.

I was lucky enough to meet Ashley years ago (before either of us had a business!) on a play date when we lived only a few miles away from another.  She instantly became a crafting inspiration to me, and we became fast friends.  Neither of us like to talk on the phone much, so we would literally send each other about 50 emails each day ;)  A lot has changed over the last few years for both of us.  I am not the least bit surprised at what she has created with Lil Blue Boo.  I knew it right from the start that she was onto something very special.  Now, she touches lives every day.  Teaching creativity and joy.  What's not to love?!

A lot of people ask me if she's "REALLY" like that in real life.  The answer is absolutely, undoubtedly "YES!"  She really is.  :)  Granted, it's a good thing her life is a blog and not a television or radio show, since, you know, she doesn't like to talk much ;)  But she truly is the person you read about on her blog.  And now the world is lucky enough to meet her and consider her a friend and inspiration too. Yay everyone!! :)

So, starting Friday, February 24th, I'll be listing a bunch of "Love Big" and "Dream Big" items in my Big Cartel Shop.  The plan is to give 90% of each sale away!  YUP!  90%!  That means 45% of every sale will go to the Pajama Program, and 45% will go to Team Ashley!  I keep 10% just to cover some costs, but truly, I couldn't think of a better way to close my business than with giving away a bunch of money to people making a difference in this world! :)

So stay tuned for the previews and the listings.  And save up your money, because YOU are the ones who are doing the best deed of all by supporting handmade, and supporting people who could use a little extra help right now.



  1. I will be doing some shopping ... especially for such a good cause!

  2. I cannot wait to do some shopping :-)

  3. I hope there are some things left for when I get home from work as you know we would love some items! :)

  4. and what better way to go out than by you yourself making a difference! Love you Shari!

  5. So absolutely generous of you Shari! I LOVE the peacock design. :)

  6. What an awesome thing to do! I hope there's still some things left tomorrow night -- and that my phone will work from up in the Sierra's!