February 10, 2012

The Impossible Blog Post.......

There's no sugar coating this one.  Not in my mind, and not in words.

The time has come to say goodbye to Soren Lorensen Design.


But we sure did make a fun go of it!  :)  I mean that.  You've helped me create some of the greatest memories of my life!  You pushed me to creative limits I had yet to visit, you laughed with me and had bad days with me, you challenged me to grow and you have become my friends.  You guys ROCK.

So, I guess I have to explain myself a little bit.  The last few months I have done some serious soul searching and totally boring number crunching.   I discovered that my soul was consumed by my work  and my numbers were too crunched!  I stalled, tried a few different tactics, and also developed a line for wholesale distribution only.  But no matter how I put it on paper, SLD just wasn't jiving with my life, and I realize it is the right time for me to say goodbye.

Two years.  Seven hundred and thirty days.  Not a single one passed where SLD was not on my mind and part of my day.  And I say that in a good way.  :)  I love SLD!  It's so fun.  I get to be creative, play with color, and dress your adorable kiddos!

So thank you for all the great fun you've provided me!

Oh, the plans?  Well, I haven't determined it yet.  But the Two Year Anniversary "BIG" Fundraiser is still being planned for the week of Feb 24th, and I want to raise a lot of money for some special causes.  I'll fill you in on those details soon, but it should be fun.  I think the shop will be closing sometime in March, but I'll continue to update you on the decisions as I make them.  I'm random like that ;)

So thanks for sticking with me, supporting me, and being such good people.  I've learned a lot from some of you, and you've made me a better person.



  1. Oh Wow Shari! Your designs will sure be missed. You don't think of clothing as touching people's lives but you have touched so many little girls and their mommas with just the relationships you've made these two years. I wish you the best of luck in whatever endeavor you seek next. You are fabulously creative, smart, and talented. Whatever it will be you will be a success!

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    1. Shari! Soren Lorensen will be missed, but your designs will live on here in Vancouver and all over the world! I wish you beautiful things in the future!!

  3. You are so talented and have touched so many with your gifts. I pray blessings on your every endeavor! May everything to which you put your hand be as beautiful and magical as SLD and may your future be bright and colorful. We think of you often and are so grateful that you shared your talent with us.
    Stacy Kidd
    Mesa, AZ

  4. My first reaction is genuine sadness for all of us. My second is pure happiness for you, Shari! You can't be the true person you need to be when what you once loved becomes burdensome.

    I'm ending this now because I am honestly going to cry...


  5. nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! we will miss your work so much! we are finally bringing home our daughter from china next month, and i was so excited to get some pants for both our girls for our first official family pictures! but i 100% understand! you need to be happy with your life. and good for you for knowing when it's time to say good-bye. i wish you a life as beautiful and colorful as your designs!!! my daughter still loves the pirate themed pants you made for her birthday (and so do i!). thank you for dressing my girl in one-of-a-kind cuteness! :)

  6. I'm so sad to hear this, but i totally understand, Shari. Family always has to come first and I can only imagine how much of your time SLD takes... I will always love your designs and am so happy I got to know you through SLD. You've been a wonderful friend and I hope to continue our friendship for many many many years. xoxoxoxo

    p.s. I'm so happy that I stocked up on some bigger sizes for Sarah over past year. :)

  7. Stunned !!

    I will miss your blog and seeing what you're up to in my news feed on FB.
    But if the numbers don't add up...mine never seem to either. I'm positive your next project will be loved as much as SLD. You have a whole lot of supporters out there....including me

  8. Oh my goodness!!! I'm just going to reiterate what these other ladies have said....because it's all true. I'm shocked! And saddened for all of us. :( But happy for you if this is the right move for you. Your work is beautiful. And I STILL haven't been able to snag one! :-/ Argh! I guess I'm going to have to be more vigilant in the future about trying to get one since they will be a lost commodity soon. I hope you keep blogging and keep the SLD FB page alive so we can all see your backyard moose, and see updates about you and Finley.

  9. Hugs and kisses! I will miss SLD and your beautiful creations. I'm glad we have a couple in next size up so we won't experience SLD withdrawal right away. So glad to have met you and that my kids have worn your precious designs. Good luck in all that you do!

  10. I feel so lucky that I found you when I did. My dolls and my DD are comfortable and stylish in your clothes. I am sad that you are saying goodbye but happy that you are able to stay goodbye to something that just isn't working. You are a smart woman! Best of luck to you!!

  11. I know this had to be a very difficult decision. Good luck with all of your future endeavours!

  12. Wow. That is a major bummer...I think I was one of the first ones to buy a dress from you. It still looks great by the way and Kylie wore it TONS. We also have a doll dress from you. Good luck to you!

  13. Oh no... I have been off the grid for a little bit and my sister sent me this note! We both love you and will miss your creations! But I hope you enjoy your time off. Sad for us but happy for you

  14. This makes me very sad on one level, but I am still SO thankful for SLD because I met you through it! Wishing you much love and happiness as you begin a new phase of your life and don't think you are getting rid of some of us that easy! Love you deeply!

  15. So very sad to see an end to one of our all time favorites but so elated to have met one of the most warm and wonderful people I know through the love of SLD. I wish you all the best in all your new creative endeavors as I know there will be many. That type of talent just can't lie dormant. Also all the best for your sweet family. xoxoxoxo always!
    love Athena, Katy and Ava

  16. Shari, I'm so sad to see you go, but I wish you the best of luck in whatever your future holds! We love SLD and will treasure the pieces we have. Thank you for making quality clothing that is so comfortable and fun for my daughter to wear.