June 02, 2010

So Finley's Book Party Planning is a go....

It better be, it's only 10 days away!! The awesome news? I hired a storyteller!!! She is a librarian in Riverside that comes out to the desert and is apparently a phenomenal storyteller! Yay!! She's thinking of making the book theme about water, (and maybe frogs) and I like the idea, it being so hot here, we could all use some water stories. :)

I bought these amazing looking blank board books for the little party guests as a craft activity.


I need your help though....what do you think we should do with them? Should I pre-set up collage pieces and pictures for them? Should we ask the kids (4 and under) to draw their own story? Should I write a story in them that they get to draw? Should I just plop them down in front of them and say "GO!"?? I need your help, what do you think we should do with them?

You can buy these awesome little blank board books at Romp, who also has incredible customer service by the way :)

Thanks to those of you who have been emailing me party ideas.....keep em coming! :)



  1. Blank books! I love that idea! I think writing a story and having the kids draw would be really fun. Give 'em something to work with. I am so looking forward to the storyteller, Shari. If you need any help with anything, let me know.

  2. Fabilouso idea for a party. Encouraging kids to read is awesome! I just found this idea, it's easy,cute and inexpensive.
    •Photocopy book covers and use them as placemats. You could easily draw the images from the net and print them.
    I think a book-cake would be easy too, (at least the shape would be!:)
    I LOVE those little books that you got for Finley's partay! Great idea!

  3. You could write a water/frog story to go with the story teller theme and have the kids illustrate, use stickers, etc. I don't know if 4 year olds are too old for counting and color books but you could write a number or color on each page and then have the kids do pictures to go with that.

    What other things are you doing? I was thinking bookplates for party favors that you personalize with each kids name. One year for my son's birthday for the party favor I bought the $5 books from Kohls (I think it was the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series). I figure I'd spend that much on a bunch of little junk might as well spend it on a good book.

  4. Maybe you could do up a "choose your own adventure" sort of thing. Start with a basic story line and print out a whole heap of differant stoylines to go with it, so they could stick them in and draw a pic to go with it. Then every story will be unique and they would feel like they wrote it themselves.