May 24, 2010

Balancing Act....

I recently read this great blog post over at Oh My! Handmade Goodness (so sad they are closing down!) It's all about people like me (and many of you) who are balancing 'day' jobs and their passion, in my case, Soren Lorensen Design. But some of us have an additional 'job,' our kids. Wow, it's a lot to handle!

I really liked reading this post because it reminded me of a few things...primarily the prioritize part. In this case, I need to start making "eating together as a family" a priority. What usually ends up happening is Finley eats dinner at 6:30 while she hangs with Daddy, and I sew. That's something we have to change. Starting tonight (hold me to it, will ya? ;)

I also realized that I have not been dealing with SLD in the same way I've dealt with any of my past businesses. My very first 'business' was making crochet bags/purses when I was in school. That's waaaaay before etsy was around ;) I named the company 'Baguette' and mostly sold to friends, and friends of friends. I loved it, but didn't ever make a single dime considering the time it took and the price I sold for (I think each bag took me like 3 hours and I sold them for $15 each. Ha! I was only 19 though :) I WISH I could find a picture of one :)

Once had a fine art consulting company, called Per Se. I actually had some small success with this business, but nothing huge. Then of course, there is Happy Chickadee, a great online shop for girls that is still doing great, and now SLD. My point? I'm getting there :)

My point is that all these other businesses (except Baguette ;) I took SO seriously. I spent months analyzing, creating my business plans, checking out competition, advertising, buying fancy business cards, spending money etc. Now, I'm not saying you should not do all that, but..... well, I guess I kind of am saying that, to start (note: if it's a 'handmade' type of business. ;)

I think what has happened with SLD for me is pure love. I love doing this. I didn't need fancy business cards or hang tags (and judging from the photo above, I also don't need fancy clothes ;). I didn't need to research, see my 'competition' etc. I just know I love it. And then finding other people who love it. And go from there. I know it sounds so simple, it actually isn't, but it's a start in the journey. I have no clue what will happen to SLD over time, but right now I'm not really going to question it. :)

I know, this is LOUSY business advice, definitely opposite of what most people advise, so please, don't listen to me, and go read all those articles out there in cyberspace! But I think there is something different when it comes to handmade... all you can do is start.

Start making what you love. Create. Put it out there for the world to see. The worst thing that can happen is people will see what you are making. And that, is the start of it all :)

Anyhow, this long winded-me came about from the blog post at OMHG so please go check it out :)



  1. :) I'm glad you found something you love, Shari! :) And we're so lucky that you found something cute to love ;)

    Dinner as a family- I'm gonna be on you for that one! :)

  2. I LOVE this post ;) I love the photo of you pondering squares!