January 30, 2011

Watermelon is a vegetable...

Did you know that? Yup. It's true. You can even google it :)
I mention this because:
a. I would love a slice of sweet yummy watermelon right now.
b. I would then like it to be instantaneously summer.
c. Most importantly, I learned something new today.

It's been my goal to keep learning in my life. I often forget to stop and jot down what I learned, even though I promised myself I would use this blog as a way to track new things I've learned.

So, sadly for you, if you are reading this, you've learned something fairly mundane this blog post. Sooorry! ;)

But, potentially, if you come back, you may learn something else that's new. Something more interesting. For example, Canadians like me say "Tobogganing" whereas Americans prefer to say sledding.

Ok, sorry, it will get better.  Promise :)



  1. The USDA considers them vegetables but biologically they are a fruit because they have seeds and because they are formed after a flower is fertilized. So I guess you can call it both a fruit and vegetable.

  2. Brilliant! Thank you Kim for teaching me something else :) So is a cucumber a a vegetable or fruit? Since it has seeds too...and I heard they are part of the same family... See...endless learning, mundane or not!! :)