February 15, 2011

Valentine's......it's just another day around here.....

Yesterday was Valentines day.  We had such a nice day.  I'm still recovering from being wickedly sick, but all week long Finley and I worked on making Valentine's for her class.  She even made a little mailbox to hold all the Valentines she gets from her classmates :)

We made these Heart Flakes (found the tutorial on Family Fun website) and can I just say.....?  They could use more clear instructions!  Or it was the fever...but I must have screwed it up at least 4 times before getting it right! ;)  Ah well, they came out cute when we got it.  And most importantly, Finley loved them :)

We woke up to the smell of pancakes.  Mr. SLD snuck out of bed early and surprised us with breakfast :)

And I can't say enough about how romantic Mr. SLD is.  Here is my Valentine's card from him.  Oh man oh man I looooved it.  I was cracking up AND I just know he's the perfect man for me after reading his poetry!! ;)

Then Finley presented me with her Valentine's Day card she made me.  As always, it involved her stealing fabric from my fabric stashes ;)  She also donned her SLD Valentine's dress.

All day I worked on new dresses for the shop and summer art fairs.....  This is the new dress style I named after Finley.  It's got some serious throwback style that feels vintage yet fresh to me. 

Worked on some dresses for St. Patrick's Day.....

And some customs......

I couldn't wait for Finley to come home from school.  I wanted to introduce her to 'my' new Bamboletta Doll!  Well, she's technically supposed to be Finley's Dolly, but while Finley's away, the mouse shall play ;)

Finley loves anything GIRLY, while I like a bit of rock star spunk....but I decided to make a dress for Finley to love on her new doll......to encourage Finley to play with her doll.  Because really, she gets very excited over small things like toilet paper roll inserts instead of big things like handmade dolls!

I haven't taken a photo of it in a while, but let's put it this way, we can no longer close the lid to her step stool.  Yup, it's out of commission because it is so FULL of toilet paper rolls and serger spool cones.  Remember this?

So I made Loren the doll this outfit to encourage her playing with her.

 And then I gave Finley Loren......

Yup, Happy kid eh?  But I must admit, the solar powered dancing plastic flower I bought her at the dollar store was her favorite gift of the night.

Seriously.  This morning, she RAN right over (and on top of) Loren, to show me her dancing flower on her windowsill.  Ah well.  That just means I get to play with Loren more without her being jealous. ;)

We finished the night with takeout dinner on the couch and watching trashy tv shows.  It was a perfect day, but really....just another day in the life.  See, this is why I never blog anymore, a simple day is always SO FULL and I never know where to start and finish :)


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