August 18, 2010

Why I make dresses....

Based on my dismal performance last night in the kitchen, I realized my Lesson of the Day:

I am not a great chef. Who am I kidding. I am not even a great cook. :) I can follow a recipe and make things like that, but when I try a recipe that I make up...well, not so great ;)

Yesterday we had a BUNCH of gorgeous looking radishes from a friend's garden. And after asking people on my Facebook page what I should make with them, we decided on Radish Chips.

Look at the pretty Radishes. I even pulled out my mandolin, which I am deathly afraid of because it seems I am bound to chop off a finger (Yay, I didn't!!)!

Then I baked them in a hot oven with some oil and salt. I even threw in some carrots to try mini carrot chips. Anything to attempt to get vegetables into my kiddo without relying solely on V8 Fusion juice :) They looked pretty decent....but slightly pathetic.

Finley happily gobbled up about 3 'chips'

And then promptly spat them out. I won't share that photo ;)

So although I finally had my a-ha moment of "man, I can't really cook very well!" it also gave me an a-ha moment of what I CAN do well. I sew cute dresses, and I'm proud of that :)

I feel like I should form a 12 step group....

"Hi, my name is Shari, and I make dresses because I can't cook."

Shari, the non-cook, even though I've always wanted to be able to.


  1. I your defense, I've never heard of a tasty radish dish.
    A+ for effort!

  2. I give you mad props for even cooking them. I usually just eat them raw in a salad or as a crudite. And yes, you make the most adorable dresses I have laid my eyes upon.

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  4. Those don't look so bad Shari! I'd eat them up! :)

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