August 12, 2010

I gave Finley my camera yesterday.....

And this is her photo montage....Here are the titles I imagine Finley would have given them....

Why is Mummy Blocking the View?:

Self Portrait of Feet:

My Mum is such a Scene Stealer!:

I still Can't Figure out what this is:

Mummy isn't Sure what to do with a Magic Wand:

And so.......Lesson of the day is:

Give your kid a camera. It's awesome to look at the world through their eyes and imagine what they might be thinking. :) I am actually thinking of giving her the camera once a week or month to ask her to take pictures of her favorite things and see what she comes up with. Wouldn't it be neat to then create a photo book out of it? Such great memories, cause they grow up so fast!! :)



  1. So fun and what a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing to you and Finley! :)

  2. A great idea! I let the big kid do this from time to time but I'll start doing this with all of them more often.