November 30, 2011

It's really true! I'm on Zulily!

I've hesitated writing this blog post.....I needed to see it before my very eyes to see it and realize that it's actually happening!  But sure enough, it's happening!  My 3-day shopping event on Zulily launched this morning and I couldn't be more excited.

I'm excited because of all of the obvious stuff...obviously!  I mean, they have 4 million active users and they are the second largest site of this type (after Groupon)! But, I am mostly excited because it's an unexpected, completely unimaginable event to be happening to me.

I remember over a year ago, I received my first order from Zulily (I bought Finley a few princess costumes) and inside of my package came this pretty blue postcard that thanked their Zulily customers so much.  I pulled it aside and kept it in my desk drawer, having gained inspiration from it that I need to always remember that my customer's happiness is the most important part of my business.

I then designed a postcard, inspired by that card (which I actually don't have currently printed), but I used it for quite a while in my packages.  It featured this photos of a friend's daughter wearing SLD, and that friend was the one who urged me to go out and do this business.  I keep this card tacked up on my little bulletin board in my studio.  (Thank you Ashley, again).

I find it funny/odd/unreal/bizarre (insert any similar adjective.  Wait, is that an adjective?  I moved back to Canada from Israel in Grade 2 and never quite caught up in my English grammar type words!), that here I am a year later, up all night folding and packing dresses, for the very same company that I, myself, have shopped from, and who made me remember to always remember how important my customer's are. The whole thing is just freaky to me :)

Zulily approached me not to long ago for this event, and in a very short time (for me!),  I put together this collection of 14 pieces that I am really excited about.  I hope you love it!!  Here are some model shots that my amazing friend and photographer, Mindy Baker, shot, of her adorable daughter Sarah, plus a few of her friends.




  1. Congratulations on being on Zulily. That is so exciting! Everything you put on there is awesome. I am sure it will be a great sale! And you deserve it!

    xoxo Ana (posting from my dd's account)

  2. Wow, this makes me want more than I already bought, back to zulily!!!

  3. You deserve it and it's all adorable. Got five pieces and I'm pretty sure I was the first order, lol! I'm like an SLD stalker.

  4. You are amazing Shari! We are thrilled to be experiencing this journey with you. It is truly awesome!

  5. so happy for you and so happy I snagged a pair of my favorite pants on Sadie!