November 22, 2011

Ups and Downs......

No, it's not that dramatic, nothing major going on here!  Ups and downs usually become major though.  But these "ups and downs" are about my absolute dreaded topics....


There, I said it.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a business, and not have to think about pricing?  Yeah, only in my dreams :)

A lot of people have been advising me to raise my pricing.  I went to a workshop for artisans a few weeks ago, and the point was reiterated over and over, that artisans have to remember to pay themselves (really!?).  Then others tell me to  just go ahead and do it, and that I don't need to announce it.

I'm having a hard time doing that.  I respect each of my customers so much.  Yes, YOU. :)  I love that I know your kids names, or what you ate for dinner last week via our friendships we've formed on facebook and via email.  I love that I know if your child has sensory issues, so I ensure to use the smallest amount of Fray Check possible on your dress.  Or that your daughter is taller than most other three year old's so I can add an extra inch to your dress if you need it.  I love these friendships and relationships, and wouldn't want to just raise pricing without explaining it to you.  It just wouldn't feel right.  Nor does it feel right to not let you know that this is a bigger struggle than you can imagine for me.

Fact is, I have a small business not just to create cute, fun clothes, but to also earn a living for myself, and my employees.  I am so grateful to have Ellen working at SLD full time, and two other part time seamstresses in town who help me gear up for big projects like my upcoming Zulily event (eeeek!) or my craft fairs.  These folks need to make a living too.  And, we all happen to live in a glorious place called Jackson Hole, WY, where living doesn't come too cheap ;)

Anyhow, I'll spare you the details.  But, after a lot of deliberation and number crunching, and telling my bookeeper to leave me alone for several months because my brain could not handle the whole "cost of goods" numbers I was seeing..... I decided that the time has come....  in order to keep SLD going pricing will have to increase by small amounts. 

It's been an internal struggle, because I want to create accessible clothing for kids.  I want to make stuff that any Mum out there can just buy.  But my realization is that these pieces are not mass produced in countries with small living wages, and also the limited edition nature of SLD does not make 'production' very cost effective.

So, over the coming days and weeks you will notice prices starting to go up.  I'm hoping that you still can get on board and remember the quality and unique styling of SLD, and the individuals behind the clothing that you support. :)

Now, you wanna hear about the Down part of "Ups and Downs?"  Since Up is about my prices increasing...the Down will be about prices Decreasing!  A Black Friday sale at SLD.  Stay tuned to find out more.....

Stay tuned.....



  1. I consider what you all do as art and that comes with a price. However, the mass produced $3.50 tshirt at walmart does as well, and usually a human one at a sweatshop that we don't see. (even a spendy one at Nordys) I would hate to see one of these shops close just because someone couldn't afford to do what they loved anymore. I look at them as very reasonable when I factor in the cost that I can make someone very happy by putting it on one of the recycled upcycle pages. It's kind of like renting! :) I have a sensory kid that loves to play with the seams on the outside of your clothes when seams on the inside cause her to crawl out of her skin. Keep on keeping' on. We love what you do and want you to love what you do too!

  2. Your designs are fabulous ... and deserve a price raise. You do need to get paid. I totally understand.


  3. I feel the same way you do. I've been told by lots of people to raise my prices so that I can keep my business going. It was a struggle for me too but I finally gave in as well and raised my prices. You have to get paid and so do your employees, don't ever feel bad about that your clothes are beautiful and sell themselves.

  4. Thank you so much for your support. I sincerely mean that. It means so much to me. :) shari