February 22, 2011

Dream Big Release is coming up....

So, I've been talking lots about my one year anniversary of Soren Lorensen Design (February 24th!!) and wanted to do something REALLY special!!!  Soooooo.........I am so so excited about this.  The clothing is almost secondary to me right now when I think about how great this can be. :) 

I've always been a fan of micro-loans.  I don't care so much about the repayment aspect (which is about 98% if you can believe it!) But what I just adore about this concept (and am so thrilled it's become a popular method of giving) is the fact with considerably little you can help empower someone else around the world in massive ways.

We all have different needs, and most of us are lucky enough to be able to take care of them without too much hardship.  But there are some folks, for whom $50 may make a massive difference in their lives.  It could buy them a sewing machine to start a new business.  A woman, somewhere around the world, just needs a sewing machine to help her family and empower herself.  It's a beautiful thing, because I happen to know where I can find $50! Yipppeeee!   :)

I am going to sell my new screen print titled Dream Big to help raise funds toward a sewing micro loan for women around the world.   When you shop the Dream Big Collection (Will be released in my Big Cartel Shop initially) between February 24 and March 6th, 90% of each sale (before shipping) will go toward funding a loan at Kiva that benefits women in the sewing community.  Yay!!! :)

Each and every garment in the Dream Big series is exactly like your child, and the rest of SLD; one of a kind and fun!  I may add a few screen prints to blank tees and onesies later if there is interest...but the initial offering will be of one of a kind, ready to ship garments sized up to 5/6 (please let me know if there is interest for larger sizes and BOYS garments!).
Giveaway alert: Also, as a bonus, on March 6th I will randomly select two sales from the two week period, and refund them completely for their purchase! :)  Just as my way of saying thanks!  So it's possible that your purchase will be free :) Fun!!!

So, get ready to preview  the Dream Big Collection on February 23rd in my Big Cartel shop, and then see it's release in Big Cartel the following day.  Pieces will then be moved to my etsy shop after three days.

Thanks for helping me make this happen!!



  1. Shari, this is such a great idea! But I want a dream big tee
    Abby - Abby Cadabby from Dollyworld on FB

  2. I love your kindness <3 That's what makes your clothes so special!!

  3. We'd be interested in one!!! :o) 7/8 or 9/10 please. (what's the difference in sizes of those 2??) I can buy this one though, because it's a benefit, right??!! :o) HORRAY!!!! LOVE this idea!!!!!