February 22, 2011

The Kids' Personality Contest is ready for voting!

I am OVERWHELMED by not only how many entries I received, but also how CUTE your kids are!

I realized something that I think was the true purpose of this contest.  It's not about how pretty their hair is styled, or how colorful their clothes are, or even a professional photographer or brilliant lighting....  Instead, these photos SHINE because it's a moment captured where your child is simply being him or herself.

I absolutely love seeing the photos, and being able to think "Oh my, My Finley is EXACTLY like that!" or "Whoa, my Finley would NEVER dream of doing that!" because it means that each picture touches a nerve, something that you can relate to with your own childhood, or your child's.  Anyhow, I think it's pretty cool! :)

There are terrific entries of kids showing their own unique sense of self, and I encourage you to look through them all and share with your friends!  I hope to make this an annual contest because it's pretty fun.  Although staying up until past 1am was not quite as fun as it used to be when I was 18 ;)  LOL.  Next time I'll make the deadline a more 'awake' hour ;)

Here is where you can find the album....and here are just a few random shots from it that I think are so cool :)

I love this one because it was described by her Mum as her daughter being stubborn because she didn't want to take her picture and stand on the bridge.  So instead she took her skirt off and threw it in the air!  (I wonder if it landed in the water?)  I love it because I bet you anything this is something I probably did to my parents when I was little!  LOL.  (Um, Sorry Mum and Aba!)

This one is so so awesome.  It's pure happiness captured doing something so simple...jumping on the bed.  But it makes this little boy SO happy, and I think the moment is captured so wonderfully!  Can't you just hear him!!!?? :)

And this one makes me smile so much, because I can tell that this little girl is so comfortable here and just pleased as punch about something.  She looks carefree and at the same time maybe cautious to let it all go? Who knows, I'm not trying to play psychologist or anything, LOL, but just imagining the moment in time captured.... :) 

In fact, in my home, a smile that looks this amazing, usually means there is often a breakdown following close behind. My little one gets overwhelmed by big emotions!!

So head on over to my Facebook page to vote (by 'liking' a photo) and please chime in with comments on the photos.  I bet the happy and proud moms and dads would love nothing more than to hear what you think! 

Share the love :)


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