February 18, 2011

Really, a year is only 365 days....

We always say, "where has the year gone," or "it's just flown by."  This year has been different for me.  Nope, I'm not talking about our calendar year, but the SLD year.  The year that's come, gone, yet I think I can remember pretty much every single day... that year. 

I started SLD nearly a year ago.  February 24th, 2010 was my first listing.  And sale.  :)  THRILLING day for me. 

This is what I sold:

 There was pretty much no way I was ever going to start a shop had my friend not urged me on.  I am so so grateful to you Ashley that you did. :) Ashley, is the brilliant mind behind the adorable clothing label Lil Blue Boo

Yup that's my Finley wearing some classic LBB.  Pretty stinking cute :)

And when the next day I put up another listing.  And had another sale, well, you pretty much could say I was jumping through the roof with excitement.  Really????  You're buying my stuff??  You like it??? WOW. 

Here are a few of my very favorites from that first week:

And check out how this:

 Became this:

(Well, there's one thing that hasn't changed in a year....LOL....my product photography was never very good, and look how much better it looks ON!)  I hear that ALL the time!  LOL

Well, I've been saying 'wow' pretty much everyday ever since :)  Seriously.  WOW!!!!!!  I cannot believe how far we've all come!!!  Hello, remember my unwilling model, my dear Finley, just a year ago?

And now...hello!  The changes she's gone through a year too is outstanding!!!

So, it's time to celebrate and commemorate!!  For the next six days, leading up to my one year anniversary, I'll have some exciting stuff going on....including a giveaway via Project Run and Play, some Facebook fun, and a release of my new anniversary screen print.  Sounds pretty fancy, aye?  ;) 

I'm going to be releasing a new print which will grace tees, skirts and dresses, and a HUGE amount of each sale will go toward funding a woman in a third world country, and EMPOWERING her with a micro loan to start a SEWING business!!  She is SLD in the making.  :)  Not like I'm massive hot stuff or anything, but what I am doing is living my dream!  I'm supplementing my family income, thus providing more for our family and my dear daughter.  The exact same things this woman is reaching for in her own world, under her own different circumstances.

Anyhow, here is a sneak peek:

I am so excited to share it and help get you some cute clothes and raise money for another woman just like me :)  How cool is that??!!!  Yay :)

So, stay tuned...check back here, and on my facebook page...for some fun this next six days.  And I promise some lame trivia too!!!

Thanks for seeing me through these 359 days.  You ARE awesome :)



  1. Happy one year anniversary you absolutely fabulous woman!!!!!!!!!

  2. so happy for you and so excited to see what you do! xoxo

  3. Shari, you deserve and are worthy of all accolades and atta-girl awards. Even leaving Ashley to live in another state helps me believe that all things are possible! Well, maybe not playing the accordion!

    I love you in all soren ways!