February 19, 2011

Last night's lame trivia question answer is.....(and Giveaway details!)

Yup, the accordion.  I took three (count 'em, 3) accordion lessons.  What were my parents thinking??  LOL.  Congratulations to our winner.....Tami!!  You get $5 off in the shop :)

To be quite honest, I kind of wish I had stuck with it (yes, even though it's an accordion, LOL!)  I never learned how to play an instrument, and think that would have been something neat.  Now I can make my daughter live out my dreams.  LOL...can you just see it:


So, it's now 5 days until my anniversary (have I ever mentioned that in my house we do Birthday Week, it's not just a day.  We celebrate for a week ;) so I am thinking it's time we get a giveaway started.  Here's the idea.....

So, when you think SLD....what do you think about?  It's not much more than a bunch of patchwork knit.  Seriously....  That's all it is.  BUT, that's NOT what SLD is all about.  It's always, always been about your kid showing their unique personality.  That's why my tagline is "handmade, upcycled and quirky.'  :)  It's the 'quirky' part that interests me.  We all have our own thing; our own personality, our own PERSONAL STYLE.... now is your time to show your kids' off....for a chance to win some great prizes :)

Yup, I'm having my First (possibly Annual?;)  Show Your Kids' Personal Style Photo Contest. (whoa, that's a mouthful!)  To enter, you need only submit a photo of your child (see complete rules and details here) showing what makes them who they are;  their unique style and personality.  They need not be wearing SLD, I just want you to capture them in a photo, personality and all! :)

One winner of a $40 Gift Certificate to my shop will be selected based on Fan votes.  Two additional winners will be selected for $10 gift certificates based on judging.  So there are three spots to win!  You have two days to send your photos to me at shari {at} sorenlorensendesign {dot} com and then I will post them in a Facebook album to share.  Then we'll have two fun days of voting (and more lame trivia!) Check out all the details here.

I cannot wait to get your photos of your ADORABLE kids!!!!!


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