February 24, 2011

Photo Contest Winner and Dream Big is Online!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

~Dr. Seuss. 


Wow, what an awesome week this has been!!  I've learned so much this week...about you guys, your kids' personality (and whoa do they have some!! ;), about working my tail off for some greater good, for my appreciation of family time (sadly I had too little)...the list goes on and on! 

The Kids personality Contest was a massive hit, and soooo fun!  I look at these photos so much and think about how cool our kids are.  How lucky are we??  And now it's time to announce the winners of the contest!!!

We have a clear winner in the fan favorite category.  With 111 votes (wow!!) our winner is......

There was no caption on this one...but, as a psychology experiment (or, you know, just for the fun of it), I decided to get a caption from each member of my family. :)  I asked them each "What do you think this girl is thinking?  My answers.....

Mr. SLD: "I think I can get some more of that candy over there."

Me:"Oooooh, I hope Mummy doesn't see the big box of cereal I just dumped into the washing machine....."

Finley: "I think there was a dinosaur in the house"


So, congratulations to Gabby and her mum Kimmy!  It just so happens that Gabby is wearing SLD...how cute is that dress on her!  Gabby is the winner of $40 in SLD store credit.  :)

Now, when it came time to selecting our 2nd place and 3rd place winners of $10 in store credit, there was no clear winner.  You would think we were deciding on who to award the Nobel Peace Prize to, based on our debating about the potential candidates.  :)  
But, after some significant time and thought, the panel of four selected the following two winners:

Congratulations to Karsten and Michelle's little girl!! We really were totally digging how these kids embraced their individuality and personality! 

Winners, email me at shari@sorenlorensendesign.com!!

Thank you all so so much for playing, and I'll hope you will head over to my Big Cartel Shop where at 7pm PST/10pm EST I am releasing the Dream Big Collection!  You can read more about the collection here.  90% of each sale from Feb 24-March 6th will go to help fund a micro-loan for a sewing business.  Fun, aye?

Happy One year birthday to me!!  I cannot wait to see what's in store next!!!


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