April 23, 2010

A conversation with my serger....

(Yes, I speak with inanimate objects, a habit I picked up during pregnancy)

Me: "Good morning Charlie."

Silence. Menacing silence.


Me: "I've missed you. Look, I brought you back a rock from Sedona."

Charlie "Harumph"

Me: "Hmmm, I also brought you back some new knits."

Charlie "Oh?"

Me: "Yeah, look!"


Charlie "You left me for 5 days, all alone in this house, with nobody around to hang out with. You think that's good enough?"

Me: "Well, I thought about you a lot. I actually brought you more knits, but I was going to wait to show you these another time..."


Charlie: "Whoa, is that for me??"

Me: "Yup! There's more!"


Charlie "I love you, Shari"

Me: "I love you too Charlie. Next time I'll bring you even more knits, plus some new thread and maybe even a new needle."

And they lived happily ever after......until Charlie broke a thread ;)


  1. LOOOOOOOOOL! I loved it Shari! You have amazing sense of humor!!!

  2. You had me at rock ! But I am loving loving the new knits too :)