April 26, 2010

Giving is the best way to receive....

“They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing” Hindu proverb

I've always been a giver. Sometimes a little too much ;) I'm the girl who roots for the underdog, cheers for my opponent, and will give whatever I can to help someone that I know is in need. My parents grew up with very little, especially my late-father, and the amazing stories he's shared about how people helped them out in their lives really inspired me (I'll share those another time!)

Most of you probably don't know, but I have a job. A job job; or work work.... Meaning I work outside of sewing :) I manage the philanthropic activities of a large private Family Foundation, plus some other stuff. :)

So, the reason I mention this is (I get to the point eventually, stick with me!!) ...I was inspired by my amazingly talented friend Ashley when I saw her list her gorgeous dress on eBay to raise money for our online friend Jane's and her daughter, who organized a team called Anna's Bananas in order to raise money for Down Syndrome Association of Delaware.

Well, I had to do something too to help out team Anna's Bananas! Now I didn't think I could raise quite so much per dress on eBay, so I decided I would sell a few items in my shop each week, where 100% of the sale would be donated to Team Anna's Bananas! But wait, there's more! (Feel like you're watching an infomercial?;) I asked my generous boss if he would match my sales, which I was hoping might be about $100, and he did even better! He's donating an additional $250 to the effort!

So...time to start shopping for a great cause! I am listing my first item (below) for Team Anna's Bananas today and as the week goes on I plan to list more in my etsy shop.


Thank so much for being a part of a great effort. :)

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  1. You are phenomenal, thank you so much!! Wow!!