April 11, 2010

So the post about my first sewing project reminded me....

I was once a guest blogger at Lil Blue Boo and I oh-so-generously reminded the entire world of my failed attempts at various projects. You mean to tell me blogging isn't supposed to be an embarrassment to myself? I apparently did not get the memo. ;) (hence the photos of myself yesterday ;)

It was fun to write that guest blog post, and I hope you'll pop over to see it, and then of course scroll through the amazing blog that is Lil Blue Boo.

Here is a snippet from the post:

So today I ask you: what is your craft project gone bad?

Sadly, I have a slew of items to pick from. Let me see, it could be the terrible rust colored dress I made my daughter using an old silk shirt of my husbands. Ashley said "It's cute" in an email. but I could tell by the lack of exclamation marks, it certainly was not. What was I thinking? My child looks like she belongs in Little House on the Prairie in this one!

Read the rest of the blog entry here.

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  1. LOL But I like it!!! Heading over there now to find out more!