April 10, 2010

Here's a dirty little secret....

Once upon a time, when my child was a young wee thing, I banished tv, computers, plastic toys, non organic food, etc in my house. She was to grow up stimulated by lovely handmade wooden and fabric toys, nothing with a battery, puppet shows and entertainment by mum and dad and playtime outside etc.

Then reality struck when she was about one and a half. And now. Well, see for yourself. Our home is overrun with this:

and this:

And when I have a lot of work to do, then we see a lot of this:


Oh how real life changes your outlook of motherhood. I recall before having a child being so judgmental (internally) when I would see other kids. I would say "Oh, I'm never going to do that!" And look at me now, doing all the things I said I never would do.

And you know what? I think she'll still turn out alright :)


  1. Found you through Lil Blue Boo. What a great friend you have. I love her current post. So amazing.


  2. Yes. dont we all swear we wont do or DO something LOl I swore I will do cloth diapers when I was pregnant but to find myself in bed for few weeks after c section .. and crazy routine of pumping every 4 hours since she never latched that made me go to regular diapers to make it a bit easier SO much fun! Well I found a way to reuse all of those cloth diapers, but yes the realty when your kids arrive is amazing.. You can never predict LOL