April 07, 2010

Now it Feels Officially Oficial....

So starting the Etsy store...that felt pretty official. Then the FB fan page, yup, getting there. Then this blog, wow, it's getting official. But today, well, today it made everything about SLD to me "Officially Official." I got my tags. Real tags, made of silk, professionally printed, with my name on them, and washing instructions!!! Can you say CRAZY?? Crazy cool, crazy exciting, crazy official. Just plain crazy.

I am so stoked, and I hope you like them! I plan on writing in the size with a permanent fabric pen in the blank space, so no more 'mystery sized handmade clothes!' They are so soft and will be sewn into bottom side seams. Your kids won't feel a thing! But if you care to stare at them a little while like I have been doing, well, here are a few pictures. :)

Yup, it's official. What exactly is official you might ask? Well, I'm not exactly sure. But it's official.


  1. CONGRATS on being 'official'! I felt the same way when my labels came in the mail. It feels good don't it?! =)

  2. Where did you get these made? I'm looking for custom labels. Thanks! Ellen

  3. Julie, It is so awesome, though I swear I feel like a loon I can't sew them in straight at all! LOL, I guess it takes practice! ;)
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Ellen, I'll email you the info of where I got them :)