April 28, 2010

Something for the kid in all of us....

Nope, not candy or toys or clothes. Though I wouldn't mind one of each in that order right now ;) But wildlife....ah, the beauty of nature and the things we can discover online!!

I recently made a boys hoodie of a hooded falcon (note the subtle match-up ;) Anyhow, what I never mentioned was I was once fortunate enough to hang with one of the most noted American Falconers (yes, there are such things!) and watch one be released, where he later caught a bird that was released just for him, and gobbled it up for a quick snack. (note my look of fear next to him ;)

It was unreal. They can swoop at about 200 miles an hour and apparently they have vision 30 times better than we humans.

Anyhow, I was recently introduced to a few web cams of falcons and owls and wanted to share them with you. Finley thinks they are adorable. I do too. Except for when they bring home some live creature and chew it up and regurgitate it to their young. But I digress and probably grossed you all out! Sorry about that, but I am giving you your fair warning. ;)

Peregrine Falcon Cam

Owl cam



  1. OMG Are not they beautiful! Thank you for sharing Shari! I love them and you do look good in the picks! You are photogenic!

  2. Wow, you are beautiful!! Great pictures!

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