April 15, 2010

Ever have one of those days?

Where in the end, you just have to laugh because everything that can go wrong does? It's been one of those! My serger decided to have a bad day too. That's a double whammy.

But, amidst the ridiculous amount of times I cut out a dress bottom today (that would be 5 times if anyone is counting. The first 3 I somehow, I have no clue how, messed up!), plus the time wasted trying to fix the serger, and then of course add to that that my child decided to throw up this morning (but felt completely fine! We must have been running around too much right after breakfast). Well, all that aside, there were some shining moments that felt oh-so-good. And that my friends, is what I will chose to remember from today; tax day (crap, I STILL have to file! Thank goodness for extensions!), my parents wedding anniversary, this gorgeous day in the middle of April.

1. When I dropped Finley off at school today, the new teacher said to me "You know what your daughter did the first day I joined the school? She took my hand and walked me around the playground and introduced me to all the children!" Wow. My shy child did that? I love it!

2. Picking up said child from preschool and taking her to a friend's house for a few minutes of play before nap, where impromptu performances took place. Plus I got to hear the kids have conversation. For some reason, I find nothing more interesting than listening to two 3 year old's talk to one another. Oh, and when they hugged and kissed, yup, that made my heart melt too.

3. I made this dress. And I love it. Can I say that? It's been a bad day, so please let me. ;) Plus the customer it is for says she loves it, and that makes me doubly happy.


4. I am healthy, safe and happy, and so are the people that mean most in my life.

I had a math teacher tell me in high school "You'll get farther in life with honey than vinegar, Shari" Ooooh, did that sting when she said it, but she's right dangit! Math teachers are always right.

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